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We Provide Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Courses

"Tools to Improve Efficiency in the Construction Industry"  is a course designed to help managers, contractors, subcontractors, employees and public members interested in learning more about lean construction practices. The full course will grant a total of 10.5 non-code continuing education units (CEU) required for contractor licensing in the City of Idaho Falls. Where there is a reciprocal agreement with the City of Idaho Falls and the Professional Builders Contractors Licensing Registration Board (PBCLRB), a voluntary contractor licensing program in Idaho, your training course will also be acceptable for use as non-code training.  

What Modules Provide This Credit?

The 7 courses providing this credit are

001-SCMW.1 Transportation 1.5 CEU

001-SCMW.2 Inventory 1.5 CEU

001-SCMW.3 Motion 1.5 CEU

001-SCMW.4 Waiting 1.5 CEU

001-SMCW.5 Over-Processing 1.5 CEU

001-SCMW.6 Overproduction 1.5 CEU

001-SCMW.7 Defects 1.5 CEU

Overview for each of these courses is attached below. 

When Can I Attend These Courses?

"Tools to Improve Efficiency in the Construction Industry" is offered based on your availability!

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