What is Mirror?

Mirror is the Marketing and Public Relations division of Eagle Rock Business Solutions, LLC.

Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media, and Advertising are all critical departments within your organization. Due to this fact, we believe that developing effective campaigns that reach your target audience are crucial in successfully expanding your brand.  

We Specialize In...

Brand Awareness

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Client Relations

Marketing and PR strategies and tactics


Personal Branding

Press Release Editing

Social Media Marketing

Mass Media

Why Choose Us?

Positive relationships with the public, customers, and co-workers are vital in making a company succeed. We have experience helping several companies apply our strategies first hand and have nothing but success from it. 

With our advanced media connections, talented staff, and passion for success, why not? 


Tana Cofer- Marketing & Pubic Relations Manager


(503) 547-4318


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