What is Ninox?

Ninox is the Training & Development division at Eagle Rock Business Solutions Group, LLC.

To increase company success, trainings are provided often by the leaders and managers. Instead of taking away precious time where new strategies and tactics are developed, allow Eagle Rock's training & development division provide your employees with the skills they need to bring new ideas, a positive culture, and analytical skills to the table. 

We Specialize In...

Strategic Alignment

Industry Specific Training

Customized Content

One-on-One or Group Training

Coaching and Mentoring

On-site Services

Analytic Trainings (Excel, Google Analytics, Developing Modules, Coding, etc.)

Why Choose Us?

As a business solutions agency, we know that training your employees often is what will bring the best strategies to the company. Increasing their knowledge on content marketing, advertising, supply chain management, public relations, social media, networking, and so forth will bring a fresh and productive team to the company. 

We want your company to succeed; that is why we are here. If we can be a part of helping your company grow and achieve its goals, then in our eyes, we will have achieved greatness. 

Contact Us

Sorena Walter- Administrative Assistant

(208) 357-8030


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