What is Precision?

Precision is the Global Language Solutions division of Eagle Rock Business Solutions, LLC. 

Do you have formal documents, forms, fliers, manuals, or even videos that need to be translated? We can do that! 

Do you have a customer or patient that only speaks French, Portuguese, or Spanish? We can interpret for you!  

We Specialize In...

Translation, interpretation, audits, proofreading, localization services, and much more!  

Why Choose Us?

Our ambition to inspire people through our work is what brings us here today.

We have doctorate level training, always meet deadlines, and can have on-the-call interpreters for any emergency. Our skills and self motivation will provide consistent productivity to your company and will allow you to focus more on your company's future. 

We love what we do and won't let you down! 

Contact Us

Sorena Walter-Administrative Assistant


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